Sunday, July 15, 2007

Talk about excited! I've never visited until this evening and happened to find a favorite yarn: Peru Luxury (merino/alpaca/silk). I knit Alison's Scarf by Annie Modesitt with the chunky version of this yarn and absolutely loved the next-to-skin softness and bounce. The only place I could previously find this yarn was at A.C. Moore in Raleigh, NC. Since I no longer live in North Carolina, I was looking for a decent discount substitute for Cascade Indulgence (alpaca/angora blend) to make Blaze by Jenna Adorno. Several weeks ago, I thought I'd try CotLin (cotton/linen blend) by Knit Picks. But, I'm sooooo tired from waiting on it to be available. Plus, I want a little stretchiness and warmth to carry this sweater into late fall and possibly winter. By skein, Peru Luxury DK costs $2.99 on littleknits. However, I bought it by the bag, which is 10 skeins, and paid $25.75. Hope you're not interested in this exact color (a khaki beige) because I believe I bought the last bag!

Excluding the weaving in of ends, I'm finished with Fifi! I plan to run it through the wash (and steam the neckline if necessary) before taking pics, so it's not quite ready to display. Therefore, I'll postpone the knitting details until Fifi is ready. ...And there definitely won't be any pictures of me modeling it (for now, anyway)! I tried it on just for fun and got a pretty good laugh. I looked like one of those cartoon characters that wears a shirt two sizes too small with the lower half of my rounded abdomen and my belly button peeking out. On a more promising note, everything from above the bust fit OK. So I'm looking forward to wearing this top in the fall.

I still have to finish my second Jaywalker. When I finish the second sock, I plan to frog the toe of the first sock to correct my two mistakes: 1) the slipped stitches on the toe section (oops!); and 2) the donkey ears at the Kitchener-stitch toe. Trellis has been sitting unfinished for several weeks now. With this baby sweater, all I have to do is knit the collar and sew everything together. The only other project OTN, which is now on the back burner until fall, is my second Alison's Scarf using Classic Elite Miracle (an amazingly soft alpaca/tencel) yarn in Fundy Bay Blue. My two-year-old likes wearing my first Alison's Scarf (the one knit in Peru Luxury Chunky), so I thought I'd make a second one for next winter.

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