Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks to Kerin at Knit Picks: You Saved My CPH and Tubey!

Thanks to the video below, I saved both my Central Park Hoodie and my Tubey sweater. Kerin, from Knit Picks, explains how to fix holes in your knitting. She has other videos (Do a "darning" search on the tutorials page at Knit Picks to see all 6 videos) showing how to knit stockinette patches for socks, but I was particularly interested in how to replicate the stitch pattern and make it look unnoticeable. You need contrast waste thread or floss to act as an temporary anchor/skeleton for your new stitches. Kerin shows how to do the sideways version of using waste thread, but I know I've also seen somewhere (book? internet?) a vertical version, too, in which the waste thread skeleton looks like very tall stockinette. Either method is valuable to know. I should mention that, while it might seem intuitively easily, it's a little bit tricky to actually do! Here's Kerin's horizontal version in two parts:

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