Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maze Jumper and Toque FO Pic

Marie finally wore her maze jumper and toque to school, so I snapped a few pics, this one being the best of the lot. Doesn't she look cute?!! For more project info, here's a link ;-)

Around Halloween I cast on for a long-awaited cardigan pattern, Laura's Cardigan. Lots of progress on that, so I'm hoping to have a new cardigan in the near future. I love the fall colors I chose for it!

As for reading and running, I'm getting more of the former done due to a cold. But, I hope to get some running in when the weather warms up this weekend. I just finished the audiobook version of Water For Elephants and am now thinking of revisiting HP7 since the movie is coming out this week.
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Robin said...

Love the jumper and the great smile.

Jackie F. said...

Thanks, Robin!