Friday, October 24, 2008

Finishing CPH; Beginning TYC

I see the finishing line! Last night after knit night, I came home and got as far as sewing in half the zipper for my Central Park Hoodie. I just need to backstitch the other zipper half and decide whether or not I want to knit some facings to cover the zipper tape. After that, I have the sleeves to sew in followed by a nice softening soak.

Since I'm getting so close to finishing my hoodie, I decided to change things up, like I always do, and CO for Tangled Yoke Cardigan (TYC). I love the excitement of beginning one project while finishing another! Both the CPH and TYC are made from stiffer and scratchier wool (Peruvian Highland wool) than I'm used to. But, I think I'm beginning to not mind it so much. WOTA and Telemark might not be the softest wool, but it's nice to knit with something that feels substantial for a change. Telemark is especially dense.

The Ravelry button is from Knitters Connection 2008 back in June. I thought I'd add it here since I just added it to my profile pics on Ravelry. It was so nice to see Casey, Jess, and Mary-Heather in person! It was their first Ravelry presentation, and they were admittedly nervous, but felt at home when they saw how excited and welcoming the crowd was in Columbus for them. So cool!!!!!!

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Kristie said...

I really think the WOTA softens a bit after a wash. Have you tried that yet? I'm just now using the telemark and to me it is a lot scratchier than WOTA. I'm using it for the lap top bag though, so I won't be "wearing" it.